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DS 7.1 Ghost window opens and closes then pc reboots.

Created: 11 Juni 2013 • Aktualisiert: 12 Aug. 2013 | 4 Kommentare
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When trying to deploy a image, I PXE boot, the drivers load, i go to the console and then deploy the pre configured task. The Ghost deployment window shows for a brief moment then closes/crashes. The pc then restarts.

The computer which I am trying to deploy the image to is an Acer Veriton M2611G

Please can someone give me some advice on how to begin to troubleshoot this?

My CMS version is 7.1 SP1


Operating Systems:

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das Bild der network101s

Additionally I noticed today when going for a manual install that the disk is formatted with GPT, after I had deleted all of the OS using a bootable USB i was then able to manually create the partition.

Then I was able to use my automated process to deploy the image.

Would this issue be fixed in CMS 7.1 SP2?

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Looks like you had 2 issues.  One was that Ghost crashed, and the other was the reboot.  It shouldn't have rebooted.  If you sent a job to it with an image and a boot to production, then this would be explained by a little check-box in the job that says "continue if any job fails".  If you select that, then when the ghost task fails, the next task fires anyway.  We don't recommend that with Deployment jobs as a general rule.

But the real issue here is that Ghost crashed.  If this is a UEFI system, we may not be seeing the drive correctly.  We have some known issues with newer systems that we're working on getting updated.  My initial "guess" is that you ran into one of those.  I'd recommend a call to support if you can duplicate this, to see if that drive/BIOS is one of those.  UEFI for instance is not fully supported at this time, though it sometimes works.

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das Bild der network101s

Thanks for the reply. I always uncheck the box 'continue if any job fails'

I do think the computer was UEFI

so just to clarify this issue isn't resolved in SP2?

das Bild der network101s

Just an update on this issue, i have experienced it with another system.

In the bios of the computer i had to set the boot to 'Legacy' also I had to create a seperate task to delete all the partitions before deploying my custom image.

This has seemed to have resolved the issue for me.

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