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Embedded database is full

Created: 06 Mai 2014 • Aktualisiert: 07 Mai 2014 | 2 Kommentare
das Bild der JavierTI_s
Dieses Problem wurde gelöst. Siehe Lösung.

Hello friends, 
The embedded database in my Backup Exec 2012 sp4 solution has been filled and can not perform any action as a backup, restore or add tasks, pretended to debug the DB or connect to another DB instance in SQL Server 2008 R2 
which is the best option. 

Waiting for your comments.

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Start off by running an extensive repair of the BEDB using this KB -

Also, run the SQL queries per this KB to truncate the audit log table -

das Bild der JavierTI_s

thanks for your support,
was solution my problem.