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Enterprise Vault Add-In Pop-Up Message (Outlook Data File Size)

Created: 23 Aug. 2012 • Aktualisiert: 23 Aug. 2012 | 3 Kommentare
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Last night we put in a Group Policy to remove Cached Exchange mode on all school computers and remove the options to create PST/OST files within Outlook 2010.  We are running Enterprise Vault 8 SP5.  This morning we have had two computers receive a pop up window from the Vault Add-in:

"A setting on your computer that controls the size of Outlook data files may affect the operation of the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In.

  Contact your Enterprise Vault administrator for details of how ot resolve this issue."

The vault add-in is working after the user clicks on OK to dismiss the message.

I am assuming this is due to the GPO turning off Cached mode and making sure that no OST files can be created but wanted to hear from the experts.

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das Bild der MikeC24s

LCT, thank you much.  Just tested the solution on one of the computers and we are able to open vaulted items.  I did not know the vault created a temp PST file to download the items to so that was good to learn.

Thank you!

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Glad it resolved for you now. no problem.