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Enterprise Vault / Backup Exec - Move Mailboxes to New Exchange Environment

Created: 09 Okt. 2012 • Aktualisiert: 16 Okt. 2012 | 3 Kommentare
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I need your appreciated support in the below issue, how you recommend to perform the below:

Customer has 2003 environment ( Exchange 2003, AD 2003, Domain called “OldDomain”) and they want to move mail boxes to another environment( Exchange 2010, AD 2008, domain called “NewDomain”) by using the Enterprise Vault.

The scenario is : make a full archive for mailbox in exchange 2003 (old environment) by EV server  then Restore the mailbox to another exchange mailbox (new environment).

They have different environment












I think that May I can Export each Archive (Archived MailBoxes) to PST file then Import into new Exchange, Is there any another solutions?

The Customer Also has Symantec Backup Exec, Is backup Exec better for this Case, By performing Full Backup for Information Store and then Restore the backup on new exchange ??

Always trust with your support and many thanks in advance.


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Why not export the current mailboxes to PST by using Exmerge, then import the PSTs to a new EV server in the new domain ?

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Have a look at this, was written by a Symantec engineer very recently.

Hope it helps you understand more about migrating EV users from domain to another. I have not read it thoroughly but I think it outlines most (if not all) of the procedures required.