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epda CPU and RAM issue

Created: 22 Sept. 2012 | 4 Kommentare

Dear All

Hi as you can see in the following screenshots,epda is consuming resources on that client computer,

How can i check why the issue is happening?

What is DLP agent Checking?

How can i exclude files if they are clean?

Is there any way to lighten agent?

Is there any log files about what is happening on the client computer?

Client is running Windows 7 X64 SP1

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das Bild der pete_4u2002s

whats the policy you have set for monitoring?

das Bild der stumunros

do you have anything in the system logs for a associated event id?

also what apps are you monitoring and what kinda specs are on the endpoint?

also are there hibernatin files that it scanning i have seen this in XP previoulsy

do you have any AV exclusions for the folder?

you may also want to Check the server settings under -> "Endpoint_Server"->Configure->Agent Configuration

hope this helps

das Bild der Zach.Holles

I'm interested in this resolution as well. We have been having computers here at work where EDPA.exe takes 50% of the CPU and makes working impossible.

das Bild der Jsneeds

We have the same problems.  I've found the memory size is dependant on the policies adn their exceptions, but it seems to randomly max out the CPU until the agent is restarted.