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Equivalent of "Run as soon as computer is notified (only run once)"

Created: 15 Jan. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 15 Jan. 2013 | 4 Kommentare
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Does someone know what the equivalent of "Run as soon as computer is notified (only run once)" from 6.9 is in 7.1 Managed Software Delivery Policy?

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Add a schedule of 00:00 No Repeat.

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Sounds like you may want to use a Quick Delivery task instead.  Managed Software Delivery is all about compliance.  By default, you schedule when the compliance check should occur and then choose whether or not you want to "remediate" (typically defined as installing the software that is missing) and when you want remediation to occur.

Quick Delivery is more like DS 6.9, in that you select the software you want to install, choose which machines on which it should install, and then the schedule (Now, scheduled time, etc.).

For Quick Delivery tasks, go to Manage->Jobs and Tasks->System Jobs and Tasks->Software->Quick Delivery.  Right click on the folder and choose New->Task.  Scroll down through the different types until you find the Software folder, and then the Quick Delivery type underneath.  Select that type, give the task a unique name, fill out the rest, target the task to the machines you want, schedule, and done! :)

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Quick deliveries time out though, don't they, if machines don't check in?  They did last time I tested a few months back (90 mins or something, definitely was less than a day?)

Has this changed with MP1 or anything?  

Because of that unless something has changed, I'd suggest using Andy's suggestion - Add a schedule of 00:00 No Repeat.

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