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Error: -536813545:A duplicate backup sets............

Created: 30 Jan. 2014 • Aktualisiert: 30 Jan. 2014 | 1 Kommentar
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Hi All

I have a CAS 2012 fully updated with a dedup store.

And a MMS 2012 fully updates with another dedup store.

I can, from CAS, make backup to both dedup stores.

I CANNOT make backup to CAS dedup store and then duplicate to MMS dedup store.

When configuring the job I get:

Calling Method 'UpdateDefaultbackup Definition'

BEMSDK Method 'CBemPolicy.Update'

BEMSDK Failure Code: -536813545:X8

Error: -536813545:A duplicate backup sets template must use a destination device that can be accessed by the same Backup Exec server as the device specified for the original backup set.

As I can make backups to both dedup stores, I don't understand the error.

Why isn't this possible?

Operating Systems:

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das Bild der fv@scanoffice.dks

Ahhh, sorry guys.

Found the "Share" button.