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Failed To Acquire The Minimum Number of Drives and Media Needed

Created: 14 Mai 2009 • Aktualisiert: 04 Apr. 2014 | 1 Kommentar
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Our Superloader died, so for a fast fix, we hooked up a buffalo drive and directed our backups to go to it.  It was working fine for 6 days and now I recieve an error message  "Failed to Acquire the Minimum number of drives and media needed".  I have tried to unattach it and even created another job but still recieve the same message.  I have even tried to restore a file from it.  It bombed out 4 times, then it seen it and restored the file.  I still can not get a Diff job to run.

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I've had this plent of times, and it means Backup Exec isn't seeing the device.
Can you see it in Windows Device Manager? If not, do a device rescan and let Windows pick it up, and then restart your Backup Exec services.
I get this sometimes when a site has a power failure, and the server stays on with it being connected to a UPS, while the autoloader switches off as it isn't.
You can also check the usual: cables are securely connected to the device and SCSI card; terminator is on (if needed); uninstalling the device from Backup Exec using the Device Wizard (and selecting the option to delete devices not present), and then reinstalling it.

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