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FSAUtility -m restoring files in souce location

Created: 11 Sept. 2012 • Aktualisiert: 12 Sept. 2012 | 4 Kommentare


About couple of days I try to successfuly move placeholder from one server to another. 

I'm running command:

FSAUtility -m -s \\srv1\vol$\share1\fold1 -d \\srv2\vol$\share2\fold1 -l 0 -r

Source and destination path exists, permissions for Vault account are the same (I can access share and administrative share from Enterprise Vault Server do srv1 and srv2).

Problem is when FSAUtility works in report mode some of the placeholder file are recalled to source path (not moved to destination location).

DTRACE for FSAUtility shows strange line with chineese\korean characters:

Returning cached IPlaceholder i/f for server 䟜ߢ

Why FSAUtility -m recalls files to the source location ?

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das Bild der ZeRoC00Ls

You will have to update the database table with the location in the new server/share:

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das Bild der Kamil Tatars

moving parameter (FSAUtility -m) should do that ...

srv1 i srv2 are in the same domain.

look at the Example field, here:

They use different file server as -s and -d, files in the source folder should not be recalled.

das Bild der TonySterlings

What version of EV?

Also, are you absolutely sure FSAUtil recalled the files and something else isn't going on?

das Bild der Kamil Tatars

EV 9.0.1



I'm the only one who have permission to this location above Enterprise Vault Admin Account.

Yes I'm sure, file are recalled when I run FSAUtility -m in report mode.

It should work properly ...