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FSAUtility -t bulk restore in EV v. 8.0 SP3

Created: 02 Mai 2013 • Aktualisiert: 21 Juni 2013 | 8 Kommentare
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Hi, we have tried to do a bulk restore of files using "fsautility -t -s \\servername\sharename". As result we got restorred all files which were deleted however this command didn't recall placeholders. I need to recall all the files in one location, however I cannot use -f option which would force overwrite.

Any one had a simmilar experiance with bulk recall of placeholders?

Kind Regards,

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das Bild der JesusWept3s

Hmmm maybe worth going old school
Like a copy/paste, or a find command etc forcing a recall

das Bild der DerekMs

I have got from Tech support a script:

dir %1 /s/b/A-d > copy.txt
for /f "delims=" %%A in ('type copy.txt') do copy ^"%%A^" \\.\nul\

which I run in particular folder - however, sometimes - the path is too long and it doesnt recall this file - I have no way to identify which one wasn't recalled.

What do you mean by copy/paste?


das Bild der JesusWept3s

Surely you can identify them by the placeholder icon or offline attribute?

And by copy and paste I mean select the files, copy and paste

das Bild der DerekMs

There is hundreds of thousand of them - it has to be some sort of an authomated method like FSAUtility. Why there would be no method to push it out from EV console - the same as I can do with MS Exchange archive.

das Bild der Rob.Wilcoxs

Our FSA Migrator product will go through a file share and can recall all archived files (ie those items we find on disk that are a placeholder) to an alternate location.

Maybe that would help here?

das Bild der JesusWept3s

And to be fair, there is, you just never upgraded