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GSS 2.5.1 - Will Unicast But Not Multicast Image Completely.

Created: 05 Juli 2013 • Aktualisiert: 06 Juli 2013 | 2 Kommentare


On a college campus using a licensed version of GSS 2.5.1 to deploy images to 30 to 50 clients at a time.  All of a sudden our images created with "Ghost Boot Wizard" (GSS 2.5.1) are returning an error code of "19922" at all clients when attempting a restore using "ghostserv.eve".   This occurs at the same spot on all clients, 326? mb copied (12% of a 20GB image).  Tried creating another image from "scratch" and redeploying it with the exact same results as before.

The image will download fine using a "boot disk" created under GSS 2.5.1 (unicast) but will fail with a (19922 error code") when attempting a "multicasts" using "ghostserv.exe".

The NIC is an Intel 82579 Gigabit from Dell with the latest driver added to the GSS 2.5.1 "Ghost Boot Wizard".

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Hello Ballen,

Please try this document :

How to resolve ghostCast error 19922

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The usual reason for multicast not working when unicast does, is that IGMP snooping is not enabled on the switches. Look for past postings by Nigel Bree on IGMP for a full explanation. The multicast session then dies after 3-4 minutes.

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