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How to add email header information to the Send Email component

Created: 05 Apr. 2013 | 3 Kommentare

I am building a webform project in Workflow 7.1

The form generates an email that goes to an inbox that is processed by another application.  I want to add some data to the header of the email that is being sent.

Is there a way to modify the email header information?  I don't see that option in the "Send Email" component.

Thanks in advance.

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das Bild der Jorge Fernandezs

I dont know if this is your ask, but you have "Edit" option when to edit email and you have change HTML code

I hope this is the option you are looking for

Atte. Jorge Fernandez

das Bild der reecardos

To my knowledge, there's no way to append to the header of email information with either the standard Send Email component or any of the other components in the Email library.

You could try and do something custom with a Code (Script) component or the script generator.