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How can I investigate optimised dedupe jobs progress?

Created: 30 Jan. 2013 | 4 Kommentare

I've got an optimised dedupe jobs which just don't seem to want to complete.

It's either stuck/hung or it's running *really* slowly - it shot up to 34GB complete (out of 34GB) after a few seconds, and it's showing the average job rate as 90GB/min, so I think it's finished, but job just is just sitting there with status running and the job details

There's no active alerts I can find, so I'm a bit stumped why it's not finished.

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das Bild der CraigVs


Check your job log and see where the job is hanging. This is possibly the best place to see this. You might have to increase the level of logging (which increases the size of the job log) if it isn't granular enough.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

das Bild der DavidStes

The job log doesn't really give any information and I've tried enabling the "pre-scan" too

das Bild der pkhs

Are you duplicating across a WAN?  If so, what is the bandwidth of the link?