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How to delete multiple backup sets in one go?

Created: 09 Nov. 2012 | 3 Kommentare
das Bild der Sinner xyzs

How to delete multiple backup sets for mutiple servers \Vm's in one go?

Deleting old sets, one by one under servers - backup set in BE 2012 is crazy...

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das Bild der VJwares

You can delete multiple backups sets in one go per server, though not for multiple servers....either use shift + click or ctrl + click & you can select multiple backup sets....right-click then you can delete...

das Bild der Sinner xyzs

I had to expand them  and then can select all using shift+ ctrl and delete.

It took fairly long time to complete delete process, but actual drive still shows full?

Will it need more time to delete data from actual drive?

das Bild der VJwares

Ideally, it should delete right-away...try inventorying the disk storage & pls other option is to manually delete the sets from the disk..