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How to design the tape system in the Library

Created: 26 Juni 2013 • Aktualisiert: 02 Juli 2013 | 3 Kommentare
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We have a 24 tape library.  The first half holds 12 tapes and I have that labeled as "Robotic library 0001 [0001..0012]" and another that has 12 tapes labeled as "Robotic library 0001 [0013..0024]".

My backup jobs first run a "Full" backup on Fridays to disk then to tape.  I have assigned ...... [0001..0012] as the tapes for the Full backup.

Then the incrementals are ran Mon - Thur and use the tapes on the other side .....[0013..0024].

How do I know which tapes are used?

I need to off load those tapes to another site daily,  how do I know which tapes to place off site for each of the backups??

Thanks much


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you should be able to view the used media in the job log under Device and Media information 

I hope this posting was helpful


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1) Are you aware that you have partitioned your library and the implications of having partitions?

2) You can enable the mail or I/O slots in your library using the library's front panel or Web interface, and then have an export stage after your jobs.  When the job is completed, the tape(s) that is used by the job will be placed in the mailslot.  You can then open the mailslot and retrieve it.

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...if you receive mail notification, you can check the Job Log which will show which tape was used in the backup.


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