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How long do I have to keep transaction logs

Created: 19 Dez. 2011 • Aktualisiert: 26 Juli 2013 | 4 Kommentare
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Hi everybody,

I am not certain about one fact of backing up transaction logs with Backup Exec: How long is it reasonable to keep backed up transaction logs? I think you always need to save the backed up database which has been backed up just before you backup the transaction logs.

So, as an example: You keep the tape of the database backup 6 month. Is it reasonable to keep the tape with the transaction logs for 7 month (are there any information contained that are useful)

Kind regards

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This isn't a BE query as much as it is a company policy requirement. You'd need to see how long your company needs those logs retained for and adjust accordingly.

With a full DB backup, the logs shouldn't be needed for long, as long as they've been committed to the DB.


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Transaction logs are used for point-in-time restores which is usually in-between full backups of the databases.  Let's say, you do daily backups of your database at night.  You can use your transaction log to restore a database until the middle of the day.  Transaction logs are of no use if you do not plan to do point-in-time restores.

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So it doesn't make any sense to keep transaction logs longer than the time between the last full database backup, does it?

Would it make sense to keep transaction logs actually longer than the full backup which has been carried out just before or is the previous full backup required in order to restore data with the transaction logs?

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We would not be able to advice you on how long to retain your transaction logs as we are not familiar with your environment/requirements.  You should do some research on point-in-time restores, then you would be able to answer your own questions.