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How to Multicast in DS7.1 sp2?

Created: 26 Juni 2012 • Aktualisiert: 05 Feb. 2013 | 1 Kommentar
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We are PXE booting our systems and would like to use multicast to cut down on our imaging time.

Any help regarding this is greatly appreciated.

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Here are steps to create & run multicast imaging task:

1. Select 'Deploy Image' task
2. Select a syspreded image to be deployed (either from NS/PS or from http/https location).
3. Select the Product Key - windows only
4. Select the DA (if required) - windows only
5. Click  'Advanced...' button & goto Multicasting tab
6. Check 'To override the default multicast settings, change the values below.' if you want to override the default values for Threshold, Speed Limit & Timeout.
Note: Threshold :- Minimum number of client those should be present to run multicast (excluding master machine) mean if threshold is 2, multicast will happen only if task is scheduled on group of 3 or more machines  Speed Limit: This determines the maximun speed at which master will multicast image. The best optimised value needs to be determined for individuals network setup. For VM client I have observed that speed value should be lesser than for physical machine. Speed=0 will multicast at maximum speed possible.  Timeout: This value in minutes let all clients negotiate to determine master machine.

7. Save & schedule a run of the task on group of clients(threhold+1) in automation enviroment (PXE in your case).

In Settings> Deployment> Image Multicasting, Global settings like IP range, port range, threshold, speed limit, timeout can be setup. these setting will be applicable for every multicast imaging task unless explicitly overridden.   

In case, any of the machine is not able to keep up the multicast imaging session it will drop out.