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How to tweak the portlets of dashboard with some filter?

Created: 29 Jan. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 30 Jan. 2013 | 4 Kommentare
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I like the dashboard functionality of Enforce server, but I missed an option to filter the events shown somehow. Especially because I am collecting also some events with just the "Info" severity, but these are totally scrambling all my statistics. Is there any option to stop Dashboard from showing "Info" events?
Thank you.

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das Bild der acmiis

On the filter screen by default all of your severities will be on the right hand side. You can uncheck info and click apply.

das Bild der Pavel B.s

I am sorry, but this applies only to the Reports. I do not see anything like a "Filter" on a Dashboard view, even within Customization screen.


das Bild der davjohs

Hi Pavel,

Try the following, it worked for me during a test.

You have a Custom Dashboard with the following reports showing;

Protocol Summary, Department then Policy, Top Shares at Risk, Target Summary, Incident - All & Policy Summary

You'll need to edit each report to remove Info incidents, for instance,

"Protocol Summary" is under Incidents > Network > Network Reports > Protocol Summary

Select the report, uncheck the Info box on the top right and "Save As" name the new Report as "Protocol Summary HML" (as an example)

Go back to your Custom Dashboard and select Customize. change one of the drop downs from "Protocol Summary" to "Protocol Summary HML"

Save and check the result, the graph should now show no Info incidents. You'll then need to repeat this for each Report that appears in the Dashboard.