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I want to backup the "Event Archive"

Created: 16 Sept. 2012 • Aktualisiert: 18 Sept. 2012 | 2 Kommentare

I'm considering the introduction of SSIM server.

I think , I need to backup "DB Configuration" and "LDAP" and "Event Archive".

"DB Configuration" is backup by  "Selective Backup".

"LDAP" is backup by "Full LDAP Backup".

How can I back up the "Event Archive"?

Or is "Event Archive" contained in "Selective Backup"?

Please tell me.  Regards.

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das Bild der Laurent_cs

Event Archive is located on disk and is a folder called /eventarchive

You need to SCP/SFTP the folder on a remote disk/backup.

The DB2 backup doesn't include event archive.

das Bild der Avkash Ks


As laurent suggested you can use SC/SFTP for eventarchive backup.

other then that you can use Netbackup for SSIM Backup solution.

Please find the attache netbackup guide for the same.

Also refer the below links which will help you defining the backup procedure for SSIM solution.

Hope that helps you!!
IM_NetBackup.pdf 353.16 KB


Avkash K