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Impact of Shortening Archive Search URL

Created: 19 Apr. 2014 • Aktualisiert: 21 Apr. 2014 | 5 Kommentare
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Hi Folks,

Any impact of shortening enterprisevault search URL

i.e. ommiting /enterprisevault/search

we want to mask it and make it easier for end user accessibility perspective

Operating Systems:

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das Bild der V4s

Hope there won't be any loops by going with this approach.

Also wanted to know if anyone else has ever done it

We would simplify shortening with redirection as =>

also does this have any implications with respect to upgrades?  we are on 11 Beta

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like i said..  the Outlook Addin will need the old URL to at least work.

I'm not sure what you're trying to gain by shortening it..  I mean, users don't need to know it, they just click on the link in the toolbar, right?

As for upgrades..  EV 11 Beta is well, not supported officially, and shouldn't be used in production anyway, right?

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Rob, search we meant was through publishing to internet access (SSL enabled)

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as long as the long URL will still work you should be ok internally
Externally you can configure it to whatever URL you want,