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Incremental Backup backup all file

Created: 24 Juni 2013 | 12 Kommentare


I have backup exec 2012 version 14.0 Rev. 1798(64bit)

and create backup job for file server.

Full -> Incremental

Full: Once a month

Incremental: every 1day

It worked fine.

But a few day ago, differencial backup task backup all file.

Review the log


Usually full backup size is about 223GB and incremental size is about 1GB.

Now incremental backup size is 224GB every day.


No special option or configure in job.

I just added disk storage which is MSA60 encluser through the SAS cable.

It was configured RAID 5 and 12ea of 300GB SAS HDD.

How I fix it??

Please help.

Operating Systems:

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das Bild der pkhs

What backup method, archive bit or modified time, are you using?

Check that you do not have any housekeeping jobs, like AV scan, which will touch the files.

das Bild der zigzegs

Thank You for your answer.

Backup method is 'By modified time'.

It hasn't been changed.

and I have created 2 job for same server and other directory, which was same option.

That is working fine.

The server have mcafee AV program, but have no scheduled scan, just real time protection.

If you need any information please let me know, i will post it.

Thank You.

das Bild der pkhs

I had a similiar problem with SEP.  See my blog below

I would suggest that you check with Mcafee as to whether their AV causes similiar problems.

Also as a test, trying uninstall Mcafee and then test your backups.

das Bild der zigzegs

Thank You for your answer.

But I can't fine the mcafee setting.

das Bild der zigzegs

 As your reply.

 I was check McAfee settings, but scheduled scan was not defined.

 I wonder, if it scanned the target directory, why other backups was fine?

 Other backup's task target and this backup target was same volume and same server.

I think the linked post is less related my case.

Thank You.

das Bild der zigzegs

I have chagne backup method from 'by modified time' to 'Using archive bit' then it working fine.

I want to test more but we don't have much time.

Thank You 'phk', have a good day.


das Bild der pkhs

Do note that the archive bit method may be slower than the modified time method.

das Bild der zigzegs

Yes. It's very slow than 'modified time' about 3times.

Before 100GB per 1 hour, but now 40GB per 1hour, :-(

This is temperary solution. I have to find solution.

das Bild der pkhs

1) Check with Mcafee (the vendor) as to whether their AV has the same problem (described earlier) as SEP.

2) Uninstall Mcafee and test your backups.  If the problem does not occur then it is due to Mcafee and again you should check with Mcafee (the vendor).

das Bild der zigzegs

Thank You.

This is strange. :-(

Archive bit option is very slow. so I canceled and re change to'By modified time'.

It work fine.

I can't explain this, I have to monitor this job.

das Bild der Jaydeep Ss

Do you still have the antivirus running on the Server. If yes, check its settings and make sure that it is not scanning files when they are being backed up or being accessed and then try a backup using Archive bit to see if that makes a difference.