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incremental backup for Exchange Server

Created: 16 Okt. 2012 | 4 Kommentare

Good day all the same problem with the incremental backup for Exchange Server is a sieve, do not know where to drop the company which purchased the product refuses to help even those bought poderzhku 1 year, log attached

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1) Restart your Exchange server to clear the VSS writer problem.

2) Troubleshoot your VSS problem using this document

3) Explicitly select the VSS provider

4) Uncheck the following from your job

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The problem is that everything is done as you are now offered, incremental runs only on the small base, and large databases do not backup logs are not cleared

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The Exchange logs will not be cleared if you run a one-time backup.  You got to run a normal backup job to clear the logs.

In Backup Exec 2012, One-time backup job for Exchange does not flush the transaction logs.

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repeated task is performed every day but does not clear the logs constantly, sings have to put a full cleaning logs as space on the server is not