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Log into SEP console using userprincipalname "UPN" []

Created: 12 Nov. 2012 • Aktualisiert: 13 Nov. 2012 | 2 Kommentare

We are looking to see is it is possible to log into the console using the userprincipalname and Active Directory Authentication.


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Active directory authentication is possible with SEPM>

How to setup a Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager administrator account to use Active Directory authentication

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As it stands, the username of a SEP Account is in no way linked to the AD account which provides the authentication.

To illustrate, you could create a SEP Admin account called "Tony" and link it to an AD account for "Simon" on the ACME domain.  The to log in, you'd have to put "Tony" in the username field of the SEPM Console, but the AD password of the ACME\Simon account.

As such, you can pretty much put whatever you like as the SEP Account's username, including "" if you wanted to.