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Can my LTO2 tape backup run on LTO4 tape drives and vice versa?

What is the logic behind this all.Lto4 tape restore on LTO 2 drives?

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below chart will help you to understand about Drive vs Tape compatibiliyi matrix.

LTO-5 RW - - - -
LTO-4 RW RW - - -
LTO-3 R RW RW - -
LTO-2 - R RW RW -
LTO-1 - - R RW RW

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Before break-up, make sure you have a good backup.....  ;-)

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You can restore from LTO2 tape using the LTO4 drive, since LTO technology is backward compatible for one generation to read/write, and two generations for read.

See this on Wikipedia: (

  • An Ultrium drive reads data from a cartridge in its own generation and at least the two prior generations.
  • An Ultrium drive writes data to a cartridge in its own generation and to a cartridge from the immediate prior generation in the prior generation format.

I don't know where you got the request to restore backups from LTO4 tape using LTO2 drive.  That won't work.

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Can we restore from LTO-4 tapes on LTO-2 tape drives ?

LTO technology is forward compatible ??

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Please read through previous 2 posts again.

CY's post is explaining the table that Yogesh has posted.

Please look at the table: 
LTO-2 drive can read and write LTO-2 and LTO-1 tapes ONLY...

There is no such thing as 'forward compatible'....

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