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Mobile Security Gateway External Host Address

Created: 23 Jan. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 24 Jan. 2013 | 4 Kommentare
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Hi guys

I'm having problems entering my external host address in the Mobile Security Gateway. The address is valid and pointing to my dmz reverse proxy, what am I missing? The address is written without https:// and as

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das Bild der JFinnhults

After a whole lot of trial and error it turns out that the domain-name cannot start with a number. Our external POC-domain starts with a 1. Numbers within a domain-name don't seem to matter though.

I can manually dig into the database and change the value to our domain (and see the correct value in the Mobile Gateway Settings), but enrollment fails anyway and I guess it's not a supported way.

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Hi JFinnhult,

Many thanks for the posts.  Just to confirm: is this with Symantec Mobile Security 7.2 MR1?

With thanks and best regards,


With thanks and best regards,


das Bild der JFinnhults

Hi Mick2009

Yes, this is true for 7.2 MR1.


das Bild der Mick2009s

Thanks Jonas!

I keep an eye on for SMS 7.2 questions.  Glad I spotted this here.

the domain-name cannot start with a number. Our external POC-domain starts with a 1.

That's not a known issue (several are listed in the Release Notes....  

Symantec™ Mobile Security 7.2 Release Notes  )

I can't say that I have ever tried creating a MSG on a domain name that begins with a number, though. 

What was listed in the Altiris logs?  Any errors there?

How to Collect Troubleshooting Information from Symantec Mobile Security 7.2 

And did you try with an IP specified, rather than a FQDN?  Did that work?

Here's a KB about MSG's that may be interesting... 

Recommendations for Configuring a Healthy Mobile Security Gateway for Symantec Mobile Security 7.2 

Final question: what time and date formats are in use in this environment?  The initial (non-MR1 release) had some trouble with European-formatted dates.

Cheers in advance for some more details!


With thanks and best regards,