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Need MR9 for SAV10 Win7 x86

Created: 28 Jan. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 28 Jan. 2013 | 5 Kommentare

I need a URL to download MR9 for SAV10.2 (Win7 x86)

I have NO internet connectivity and need to apply this update to a client.

Please advise

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das Bild der pete_4u2002s

SAV is end of life. Use SEP 12 .1 RU 2 the latest version.

das Bild der Brɨans

I doubt you will be able to get this as it is EOL as already mentioned

You can try using your serial number to see if it is there

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das Bild der SebastianZs

It should not be anymore on fileconnect as well = no longer supported. Upgrade either to SEP 11.x or 12.1 would be recommended.

das Bild der Mick2009s

Hi Drumgod,

"Thumbs up" to the above.  Just an added note, too: only SEP 11 RU5 and higher has been tested on Windows 7.  (SAV 10.2 was tested on Vista, but that was the end of its line.)  SAV might run on Win7 at all, but it was never supported on that platform.

About Endpoint Protection support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

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