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Netbackup 7.5 - Activity Monitor - Job Logs

Created: 28 Nov. 2012 • Aktualisiert: 28 Nov. 2012 | 9 Kommentare
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Following a new installation of NBU 7504 I am having difficulty in setting the retention / cleanup of the job logs showing in the activity monitor screen.

I have the Clean-Up (on the Master Server Properties) set to KEEP LOGS for 31 days, Ops Center is set to PURGE data daily - with Backup Job set to 420 days, Backup Log set to 31 days.

I appear to be only seeing the last 3 days of logs in the Activity Monitor screen.  I have not made any registry entry additions / changes for this area.

What am I missing ?


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See the Admin Guide section "About the jobs database"

NetBackup uses the install_path\NetBackup\bin\admincmd\bpdbjobs -clean
command to delete done jobs periodically.
By default, the bpdbjobs process deletes all completed jobs that are more than
three days old. By default, the bpdbjobs process retains more recent done jobs
until the three-day retention period expires.
You may want to keep jobs in the jobs database longer than the default of three
days. To do this, you must change the default value.

it then goes on to tell you how to safely change the default values of these registry keys.

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Don't put that much load on the master, why you need that much logs in activity monitor.

Jobs are bydefault for 3 days

bpdbjobs -keep_hours <hours> for current session

You can make it permanent using bp.conf

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'Keep Logs' setting does not apply to Jobs database. The default is 3 days.

You can update the registry setting with this command:

echo KEEP_JOBS_HOURS = 744 | bpsetconfig
See NBU Admin Guide I for details. Topic: About the jobs database
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As I am on a W2K8R2 master, and NBU 7504, I see in another post that I should use the registry keys as opposed to a bp.conf file in order to make the settings permanent.

When I look in the registry (HKLM\SOFTWARE\VERITAS\NETBACKUP\CURRENTVERSION\CONFIG) I see an entry KEEP_LOGS_DAYS=3 (I was expecting the KEEP_JOBS_HOURS).  Is this the same setting or does it relate to something else ? 

Will I increase this setting or add the KEEP_JOBS_HOURS entry ?

Thanks all for the 'speedy' responses......


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Again from the Admin Guide:

KEEP_LOGS_DAYS specifies how long job and progress log files are kept that the
NetBackup-Java Backup,Archive,andRestore application (jbpSA) generates.
The files are written into the following directories:
A directory exists for each user that uses the NetBackup-Java applications.
The default is three days.

it's KEEP_JOBS_HOURS & KEEP_JOBS_SUCCESSFUL_HOURS that you need - it is in the Admin Guide ;)

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Please let me know how to retain the missing logs in activity monitor..

i have started long run 6 days back.. now i see jobs from 1 to 350 are missing out of 1660 jobs in total.

Please do help me

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Always start a new thread for your new query. This post is already solved and there are very less chances that anyone will see it.

As far as activity monitor logs are concerned you can't get them if they are purged as by default they will be kept for 3 days. If you wan't them to keep in future please read the solution.

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I have moved post to new discussion:

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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