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Netbackup master sever hardware change and NBU version upgrade.

Created: 20 Nov. 2012 • Aktualisiert: 09 Feb. 2013 | 5 Kommentare
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I am moving my Netbackup master server to new server to new hardware as well

I performing netbackup upgrade

Current environment:

Master server OS:  Windows 2k3     NBU version: 6.5.4

New environment:

Master server OS:  Windows 2k8     NBU version:

Can I directly install NBU 7.5.04 on new server and perform catalog (6.5.4) recovery for new hardware?

If not how should I accomplish this.

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das Bild der RamNagallas

are you planing to change the master server name and IP address  also...or willing to use the old master server name and IP address?

please check the below Tech note:-

das Bild der Mark_Solutionss

I would get the new server ready and then do as follows:

1. deactivate everything (policies, SLPs etc) so that nothing can run

2. Take a full catalog backup

3. Shut down old master

4. rename new master to the same name / IP address

5. Install NBU at 6.5.4 to same location (drive letter and path) as the old master (very important)

6. Do a catalog recovery once devices have been configured

7. Upgrade (7.5 first then immediate bpdown followed by - then wait for upgrade processes to complete)

Job done! (obviously check through all theguides and upgrade guides!)

Hope this helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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das Bild der RamNagallas

when IP add host name are same , its pretty easy..

just follow the steps listed my Mark.. and you are done. 

Good luck... !!!

das Bild der Mariannes

As per Mark's excellent post, NBU catalog can only be recovered to exact same version on new server, in same location, with same hostname.

Procedure is documented in this TN:

The alternative is to upgrade the existing server to as W2008 R2 is only officially supported as from NBU 7.0, and then migrate using catalog backup and restore.

We have seen other users in this forum who managed to install 6.5.x successfully on W2008 R2.

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