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New Release of Symantec App Center (Nukona)

Created: 22 Sept. 2012 • Aktualisiert: 08 Nov. 2012
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Greetings, from the product team at Nukona, now a part of Symantec. We want to highlight some of the exciting enhancements you will see with this past week's release.

New iOS 6 Support:

With the recent release of iOS 6, we know your iOS users want to hit the update button as soon as possible, and we are eager to enable them to do so! We are proud to announce we have now updated our SaaS environment to support iOS 6, within days of Apple’s release.

Important Note: If the apps you are deploying uses the iOS Quick Look viewer, along with App Center’s encryption and copy/paste policy features, you will need to re-wrap your apps. We recommend you do so immediately, to maintain functionality.

We have posted more information about this release, along with documentation and KB at:

New Branding:

You will notice the Symantec check mark logo has replaced the Nukona logo. This logo represents our commitment to quality and innovation. The Nukona App Center solutions you have grown to trust now have the Symantec name behind them. We continue to invest in research and development to drive our strategy for app and data protection forward.

New App Center Connect Forum:

Connect Forums are where Symantec business customers, partners, and employees find solutions, share technical knowledge, and submit product ideas. We encourage you to sign up for this forum in order to ask questions and share your experience. This is often the fastest way to get an answer.

Availability in Symantec Licensing Programs:

Starting October 2nd, 2012, all Symantec App Center editions will be available in Symantec Licensing Programs and may be purchased through Symantec reseller partners. If you are an existing Symantec customer, the addition of App Center purchases may help you qualify for additional discount benefits. If you are already working with a partner, please continue to work with them. Information on partners can be found here:

Try App Center:

If you have any questions, please respond to this App Center Connect Forum post.

Symantec Enterprise Mobility Team