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offline vault button in outlook

Created: 08 Aug. 2009 • Aktualisiert: 21 Jan. 2013 | 6 Kommentare
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How can i add offline vault button in outlook using registry settings from the client machine?
Because its hidden from the server.

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das Bild der Maveriks

Can you clarufy what you mean hidden from the server? Are you trying to set up Vault Cache on the server!

das Bild der nazirkolliyaths

its set from the EV server to hide update offline  button

das Bild der nazirkolliyaths

How can i manullly update offline vault, if there is no button "update offline vault" showing in outlook tool bar

das Bild der Rob.Wilcoxs

Change your policy so that it is enabled on the client .. and remember it will only show on the client when the client is OV enabled, and in cached mode (with regards to Outlook).

Hope that helps,

das Bild der nazirkolliyaths

I dont want to change the policy and OV is enabled.
is there any other way?

das Bild der Olivian Retezans

Not really. You need to modify the policy to get the buttons show up on the outlook's "Tools" menu or toolbar.

The setting depends on which version of EV are you using.
On EV 8 + the setting lies in the Desktop Policy under the tab called "Vault Cache".

If you want to reset the Vault cache, you can use the CTRL + SHIFT + left click on one of the EV buttons on the Outlook toolbar. This will open a window where there will be an option to reset the vault cache. But this will reset the cache and not update.
By default, the cache should update automatically. Depending on the cache settings (e.g. 10% of free space from the disk), the old items are removed and the new archived items will be included in the cache.

Hope this helps.


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