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Offsite backup won't start when offsite drive is connected.

Created: 09 Jan. 2013 | 5 Kommentare

I have two windows 2003 servers setup to run a daily backup and then copy to the offsite backup drive when it gets attached. One server works just fine, but the other server will not start the offsite copy job at all. The only way I can get the offisted copy to run is to connect the offsite drive before the backup starts. Then it will complete sucessfully.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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das Bild der Chris Rileys

We've seen similar issues like this in the past.

What version of BESR/SSR do you have on the server that does not work (check in Help/About for version details)?

das Bild der optdougs

The versioin is I tried doing an update, but there are none.

das Bild der Chris Rileys

10.0.3 is 2011 SP3. SP3 is the current latest SP available so you are up-to-date for 2011 version.

Is the following option enabled?

Prompt me to start a copy when I attach an external Offsite Copy destination drive

das Bild der optdougs

Yes I do have the "Start a copy when I attach an external offsite copy destination drive" option selected.

das Bild der Chris Rileys

I suspect that, for some reason, SSR thinks the drive is not attached.

Realistically I think you need to open a support case for this as the logs will need to be analysed to see what is going on here.