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Passing backup by 100Mbps Ethernet link.

Created: 09 Okt. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 16 Okt. 2013 | 5 Kommentare
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Hello, I need pass a Server's full backup (800GB) and his differential backup between the BE2012 Server and a Shared Folder Server interconected with a 100Mbps link.
I have thought pass the backup from BEServer to File Server by tape (I will carrying the tape from a site to another and duplicating it in the disk) and next pass the differential backups by 100Mbps links.
Is possible to do this?
Can I restore the server in the remote site with the backup duplicated with this procedure?


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What you are trying to do is called seeding and this is not supported by BE.

When you say pass over the link, are you going to backup across the link or are you going to duplicate the backup set across the link?  In either case, be aware that BE is sensitive to link quality.  Any dropped packets and your job will fail.

To minimise bandwidth requirements, you should look at optimised duplication.  This involves media servers on both ends of the link with dedup folders and you duplicate from one dedup folder to the other.  This way only the changed data blocks are transmitted across the link.  You will also need CASO for this to work.

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Thank PKH.
When I say "Pass over the link", I speak of duplicate the backup over the link.
I have BE2012 V-Ray edition. I'll need to buy media server and CASO licency, Is it not?

Best regards.

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Yes. You need a media server on the other end and CASO.  Also, you need to buy dedup licences for both ends.  Note that dedup requires a lot of RAM and processing power.

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Each license of the Backup Exec V-Ray Edition includes one media server license and one deduplicaiotn license in addition to unlimited agents for vmware and hyper-v and databases and applications. I am assuming that you pruchased more than one license of the V-Ray edition, so you are all set from that perspecitve. However, you need to purchase one Enterprise Server Option which includes the CASO license.

Thanks, Iesa

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He will still need a licence for the media server on the other side of the link and a dedup licence for this media server.