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PCI DSS v2.0??

Created: 11 Jan. 2012 | 3 Kommentare

Is Symantec going to release new PCI DSS v.2.0 standards for CCS? All I have listed in CCS are v.1.2 standards..

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das Bild der Sheetal Venkateshs

Yes, PCI DSS v2.0 standards will be available in the 2012-1 PCU (expected release date is mid-Feb 2012).

Sheetal Venkatesh (CCS Product Management)

das Bild der Walter_As

Would those new PCI Dss v2.0 standards be for the RMS or ESM data collector?

das Bild der Sheetal Venkateshs

These PCI DSS 2.0 standards would be for the RMS data collector. Hope that meets your requirement.