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Prompt for Username and Password

Created: 07 Nov. 2012 | 1 Kommentar
das Bild der CB_24s

Is there a way to prompt for an AD username and password on the client end during the WinPE step?

We want to stop users PXE booting accidently and the PC being rebuilt, without having to log in some way.

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das Bild der bhawvers

I'm not aware of the ability to do this, however, if a machine is known to Altiris it should not be able to be "rebuilt" unless there is a job assigned to the computer.

That being said, if the machine falls out of the console and the "Initial Deployment" is executed the next time a computer boots via PXE, you may add another job and make that the default selection.  In my environment to protect against an accidental re-image, we have it set to default to pull a backup image (this is at least non-destructive).  I would imagine you could default it to reboot to production or something instead if you want, just set the menu to timeout after so many seconds.

Brian Hawver
Systems Engineer
Yaskawa America, Inc.

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