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Report - Windows Software Update Delivery - Details

Created: 30 Mai 2013 | 3 Kommentare


I have question on report mentioned in Title. When I run this report I can see updates and count of complete / incomplete computers. But when I select some patch a open Complete or Incomplete installation I don't see any computers or when there are any it shows only some PC.

We have SMP 7.1 SP2 rollup v. 4.

Does anybody have the same results from reports?

Operating Systems:

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das Bild der Roman Vassiljevs

Hello Kada,

Opened report 'Policy execution by computer' shows installation activity for the last 24 hours in 7.1SP2 . This may be the reason of such behaviour.


das Bild der Kadas

Hello Roman,

thank you for answer. Can this behaviour be somehow changed?

Thank you

das Bild der Roman Vassiljevs

Hello Kada,

Unfortunately I am not sure that it is possible. According to report's description it shows Recent software update installation activity.
Most likely this behaviour will be changed in the future releases.