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Rescheduled Jobs on BE2012

Created: 12 März 2014 | 5 Kommentare

Someday there was a tape missed in my Tapedrive.

Now i get everyday this Message:

The job missed its scheduled start time by more than 4 hours. The job will be rescheduled for the same time the following day.

Where can i see the rescheduled Jobs and cancel them?

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Did you try to check the Backup Calender? You need to click on Backups and Restores > Backup Calender or you can go to the Backup Schedule and then click/check the options highlighted as shown in the screenshot below: 



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thers nothing strange in the calendar.


The job-settings are keep 4 hours before it is rescheuled

job-cancel is disabled.

How can I prevent that the job is scheduled to run again?

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see  Backup Jobs get missed and alerts are displayed in Backup Exec 2012 and the Related Articles at the bottom for dealing with Alerts

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my missed Jobs are duplicate on tape jobs.

They are planed to execute directly after backup to disk.

There are no options to edit.

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Try recreating the jobs to resolve this error.