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Reset LiveUpdate pointer to Symantec on a Win8 64 / SEP 12.1.x Machine

Created: 26 Nov. 2012 • Aktualisiert: 26 Nov. 2012 | 4 Kommentare

I know it may be a bit eary in the game, but I need a method to redirect a a SEP 12.1.2 client back to Symantec for LiveUpdate definitions (currently pointing internally)

Assuming that Tamper Protect is 'temporarily' disabled, with Win7 I have been using this document as a reference: and placing the Settings.Hosts.LiveUpdate file in this location: "C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\CurrentVersion\Data\Config\" before calling SEPLiveUpdate.

With Windows 8, this method does not appear to work any longer.

Thanks for any suggestions,


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das Bild der Rafeeqs

click on liveupdate tab in the client console, it will go to liveupdate internet server

das Bild der iamadmins

Thanks Rafeeq,

This is for machines currently in an unmanaged state.


das Bild der Brɨans

You may want to check with support. It's possible they haven't updated the doc yet or are in the process. They may have this internally though.

Please click the "Mark as solution" link at bottom left on the post that best answers your question. This will benefit admins looking for a solution to the same problem.

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Thanks Brian,

Checking with support is a good tip. I usually try my luck here first, just in case I'm not thinking about the problem clearly enough, and the possible solutions at my fingertips. wink

Have a great day amigo!