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Restore from Tape(s) - BE2012?

Created: 13 Nov. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 15 Nov. 2013 | 1 Kommentar
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So I am trying to restore some files form a set of 4 tapes we have loaded in our magazine.

I have catagloged the tapes and from the tape sets I can see the file I want. But when I right click everyhting is greyed out which tells me you can't do this (I am pretty sure I could do this in BE2010)

Can anyone either point me to some detailed documentation or run through some quick steps so I can do this?


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Unlike BE 2010, for BE 2012, you cannot do a restore from the media view.

To do the restore, remember the date of the backup set from the media view.  Go to the Backup and Restore tab, click on the server/device that the backup was taken.  You would be presented with a list of backup sets. Make sure that your date range is wide enough to show the backup set that you want. Select the backup set that you want and then do the restore.