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Server freezes after attempting to backup system state and C drive.

Created: 29 Jan. 2013 | 2 Kommentare

Hi all,

Would love to have some advise on this issue.
Background: Server OS 2008 r2 SP1 64bit
BE 2012 v14.0 rev 1798 (64-bit)

My backup jobs for system state and C drive will always complete backup with execptions.
Execption is VSS Snapshot warning. File %BeBootDrive%\bootmgr is not present on the snapshot

On wednessdays, the backup job will hang with the error E0008821
My server will freeze after which. I will be able to ping the server and move the mouse at the server but will be unable to do anything else.
I have to force restart my server. Once the server restarted, The job will attempt to continue but will fail with the error 80004005.

Please help.

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das Bild der Gurvinder Raits

Please uncheck CPR (checkpoint restart ) from the job and see if it still freezes the server. Are you backing up the media server in this job ? If yes, does the Issue come up while backing up any remote server ?

das Bild der Xaviors

Hi Gurvinder Rait,

I am backing up my file server. BE is installed on this server.
I have patched BE to the latest sp1a but the problem still occured yesterday when i tried to do a full backup for the C and system state. I'll try unchecking CPR and try again. Let's hope this resolves the issue.

Thanks and Regards,