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Service Desk - Auto Classifying an incident

Created: 18 Juli 2012 | 8 Kommentare

Hey guys, just another possible quick one...

Does anyone know of how to setup a business rule (or similar) that automatically classifies an incident ticket based on certain text in the ticket subject?

For example: If someone creates a ticket with the word "broadband" in the subject then the ticket automatically classifies to say: Network > Broadband > Router


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das Bild der Nick at Sparrows

Are you looking to do this from the End User submission form or the Technician form or both?  Once I know where you would like this to function I can give you more specifics but you can do it a few different ways using text equals rules or matches rules.  You would use a text equals rules to evaluate the title or description and on the matches path add a model that would map the category that corresponds with that rule and if it doesn’t match it continues onto the next text equals rule.  If you want to use multiple words for a particular rule you would need to create a collection and pass the values from the array through the text equals rule before continuing on.

When you are building the rules I would add the "search criteria" that you use into custom application properties so you can add or remove from a rule for a particular category without modifying the workflow.

das Bild der waddo2012s

Hi Nick, thanks for your reply...

I'd probably say both, just as long as specific keyword(s) are in the subject

das Bild der Steven Mayss

Have you looked into automation rules? Admin > Process automation > Automation rules

das Bild der rdvanormans

As far as I know you can't check the subject in the Automation Rules.. That's one of the drawbacks with current versions.  Supposed to be able to do that in 7.5.  In 6.5 we assigned and categorized the incidents based on the subject.  Big disappointment with 7.1.  Hoping it's really there in 7.5.

das Bild der waddo2012s

Hey guys, thank you all for your replies...

We now have 7.5 which is currently under configuration however after looking through automation I still can't find this so unless it's somewhere else I don't think this is possible which is crap as we really need this functionality

das Bild der Aryanoss

We had to build our own logic into the SD.EmailMonitoring workflow so that it looks at the subject and auto-classifies and auto-assigns incidents but it's something that isn't available in the 7.1 product.

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das Bild der jpellet2s

You can sort of do this with 7.5 using automation rules. You can actually do it based on Incident Title or Description or both if you'd like. You would also need to create a custom stand-alone workflow that does just the classification. Might be more complicated then its worth but possible. Here's the idea:

Go to Admin - Process Automation

Expand Incident Management and then click on Service Dashboard

On the ruleset "OnIncidentReceived" click the orange lightning bolt and choose Add Rule

To do this quickly you will want to add a group and then add a condition. That condition would be "incident Title" and you can choose "Contains" or whaterver you'd like. Enter the text and click that blue + to add the condition.

Next step is to add an action. You'd want to choose "Send Incident to Workflow" and supply the custom workflow URL and the parameters. Again, might be more complex than its worth but the idea would allow you to create more complex, independent workflows that can do a lot of the actions for you.

das Bild der jpellet2s

As a little plug, take a look at the Idea I created several weeks ago about the automation rules, just added a comment about classifications.