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ServiceDesk 7.1: Installation Error (need help)

Created: 03 Aug. 2012 | 5 Kommentare
das Bild der avls

Hi all,

I'm trying to install SD7.1 SP2 with an off-box SQL Server 2008, all on Windows Server 2008 R2 OS using a domain account. I'm getting stuck installing using 2 scenarios.

Scenario 1: Installing using domain based account and Windows Authentication on DB Page

I've followed instructions as per but still hit error at the following screen:

I've granted the NETWORK SERVICE the required sysadmin permissions on SQL Server but still get stuck at the same screen.

Scenario 2: Installing using domain based account and sa authentication on DB Connection Page

In the 2nd scenario i changed using sa authentication on the DB Connection and get passed the installation. But in the PostInstallation Wizard i had to skip a lot of steps where in the end of the process i was served with the following screen

What are the needed folder security permissions that need to be granted to the users? Can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance.

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das Bild der toomass

Does the account you are installing with have sa rights in SQL and Local Admin rights on the server itself?

das Bild der avls

Hi toomas,

Yes, the account i am installing with has all of the above. I am now suspicious that there are some security deviations that i might need to apply to the SQL Server and/or SD Server because i am seeing the following:

- when accessing the ProcessManager website, the projects were not published to the website except for a partial Change Management Installation

- when accessing Chanage Management webparts, i will get application error messages

- Incident Management and Problem Management were not published although installed.

Upon further inspection in the logs and Workflow Log Viewer

- the tables were not able to be filled with data because of some sort of restriction/hardening

- a lot of access denied error messages in the logs

My question now is whether a security deviation/hardening document is available for SQL Server 2008 like the one available for NS6.0. Or if someone has this or able to point me out what kind of NTFS permissions and Local Security Policies are required for a succesful installation.

PS: i've found out about this after moving the installation of SD to be on-box with SQL, that installation was executed flawlessly. It's not my preferred scenario because of the memory hog that SD is.


das Bild der jpellet2s

I've had problems with this in the past myself. The steps to pay close attention to are #39 and #46. Be sure in #39 that no other group is selected and that you are logged in as the service account and that that account is an admin and has the ability to create and write to the SQL server. #46 needs you to set the service account to be running the service before SD is actually installed. Also some documents ask that the SD computer be added to the admin group of the SQL server (I don't remember if I had to do that with my latest install or not).  Hopefully some of this helps.

das Bild der toomass

Just to clarify, adding the SD server to the admin group on the SQL Server is not necessary. This was indeed in some documents but it is not necessary.

das Bild der avls

Hi jpellet2,

A couple of questions:
1. if you login as the service account before installed then SD is installed using the service account instead of the installation account right?
2. as far as i can remember the installation account is the one that has to have the SQL sysadmin permissions where the service account will later be granted the sysadmin permissions by SD.
3. how do you configure the service to be using the service account if the service is not installed yet?

BTW i have followed it precisely but still getting the same permission error messages.