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ServiceDesk 7.5 subtask assignment to group

Created: 21 Dez. 2012 | 5 Kommentare
das Bild der dawi_xs

Hi all,

Does anyone know it is possible in SD 7.5 to create subtasks and assign them to a group/queue rather than just one single individual?



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das Bild der toomass

Unfortunately, based on your question you probably know the answer already. No, subtasks are currently designed to be assigned to specific users.

If this is something you would find useful, please create an Idea for ServiceDesk about this. Ideas in Connect are essentially feature requests for Symantec products.

das Bild der dawi_xs

Ok, tnx for the response Toomas



das Bild der WK01s

Do I understand this correctly?  It is no longer possible to assign a subtask to a group?  It must be an individual only?

das Bild der dawi_xs

Hi WK01,

As stated by Jason in the idea section for this feature, I suppose the assignment to groups will be addressed in one of the next releases.

If you haven't done so already, just give it a thumbs up!

cheers, dawi_x

das Bild der Rdutch12s

Yes, correct, sub tasks are assigned to individuals. We did mention this during Beta testing and hopefully it will be addressed in a future release.

However sub task management have greately improved.

Rob Hilberding Sr. Consultant ExpressAbility