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Slow Disk to Disk Backups

Created: 29 Apr. 2014 • Aktualisiert: 06 Mai 2014 | 4 Kommentare
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I am experiencing a very slow job rate on backup to disk backups.

I have a RAID 5 on the disk which the backups are on. Could this be the problem? Do you think that there will be lots of performance increase on disk to disk backups if this will be done as my jobs are slow as 60MB/min?



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das Bild der CraigVs


No information on this. What are you backing up too? SAN/DAS/Internal Disk? What is the speed of your network?

Have you tried to copy a couple of GBs of information from the remote servers to the media server to rule out network issues?

have you madesure that any AV installed on the media server has excluded the BE services and the B2D?


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das Bild der ejdrijins

I am backing up on a SAN.

I have noticed that if the jobs have a maximum size b2d file of 1GB the disk rate is fast but than drops when it created the 2nd 1GB file. 

But than I did a 10GB size and the disk rate dropped after copying 6GB.

Any idea why this happens?

das Bild der CraigVs

You never answered my previous questions re. AV, but you can also refer to the TNs below:


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