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Solution Pack PDF?

Created: 02 März 2013 • Aktualisiert: 02 März 2013 | 1 Kommentar
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In preparation of installing the enforce server, I downloaded the file.  Inside this file is a sub folder containing the Solution Packs.  I downloaded it so I could look over the Solution Packs, but there is also supposed to be a PDF file that details the difference between them so we can decide which one to deploy.  I don't see anything besides the vsp files.

'Where is the Solution Pack documentation PDF showing which policies are enabled in each pack and what each policy does?

Operating Systems:

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here is some the pdf for the solution packs... it prebuilts templates in most instances you still need to provde the data to do EDM or IDM or what ever you you are trying to protect.

Energy_SolutionPack_v11.pdf 56.96 KB
Financial_Services.pdf 53.68 KB
General_SolutionPack_v11.pdf 34.2 KB
HealthCare_SolutionPack_v11.pdf 54.1 KB
High_Tech_SolutionPack_v11.pdf 54.53 KB
Symantec_DLP_Standard_11.1_Solution_Pack.pdf 51.11 KB