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SSR 2013 Desktop Ed. Fails to Install

Created: 03 Apr. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 12 Apr. 2013 | 3 Kommentare
Dieses Problem wurde gelöst. Siehe Lösung.

Upon discovering that Ghost is being dropped and being directed to SSR 2013 Desktop as a replacement, I downloaded the Trial Edition.  Have tried 3 times to install but always get the same error: MSI 1602.  The following snippet is from the install log:

04-02-2013,11:49:34 : Property(S): MsiLogFileLocation = C:\Users\Ernie\AppData\Local\Temp\MSI94eed.LOG

04-02-2013,11:49:34 : Property(S): VersionDatabase = 200
04-02-2013,11:49:34 : Property(S): RecacheTransforms = F:\SSR\SSRx64\Install\Media\1033.mst
04-02-2013,11:49:34 : Property(S): SOURCEDIR = F:\SSR\SSRx64\Install\Media\
04-02-2013,11:49:34 : === Logging stopped: 4/2/2013 11:49:34 ===
04-02-2013,11:49:34 : The return code from the MSI is: 1602

After some digging, I discovered the MSI code stands for USERCANCEL, which I did NOT do.

Doing a search on the Symantec forums, I found an entry related to Backup Exec 2010 that says this error can occur if components of Backup Exec are already installed.  I don't have BExec installed, but I DO have Ghost 15 and Norton internet Security.  Is this the source of the problem?

Any guidance?


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das Bild der Markus Koestlers

Yep, Ghost is the problem ! You need to uninstall it before you can install SSR !

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das Bild der Chris Rileys

Markus is correct - SSR will fail to install if Ghost is already installed.

I have raised this internally and with the release of SP1, an appropriate message will be displayed to make it obvious why the install is failing.

das Bild der ErniePs


Sorry for the delay in replying...

Removing Ghost took care of the problem.  It installed properly and is doing backups flawlessly.

Chris, thanks for providing internal feedback.  I would recommend two other things: if Marketing is going to point Ghost users to SSR Desktop as a replacement, (1) place a BigFatNote on the SSR Desktop Trialware Web page and (2) place the same Note in the README file in the download.

Thanks again for solving my problem.