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Start backup exec without jobs automatically running

Created: 05 Dez. 2012 | 3 Kommentare

I'm troubleshooting a library issue. I would like to start the backup exec services, but don't want the pendnig jobs to automatically start. Would there be a way to do this. I would also like to ensure an inventory is run before the pending jobs are also running.


Any ideas how to achieve this? We are running backup exec 2012



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das Bild der SuperBrains

If 'pending job' means jobs which have not yet started, yes, you can hold scheduled on those jobs and they wont automatically run on Backup Exec services startup.

But if 'pending job' means jobs which were running and are currently queued (due to some reason), they will need to be cancelled (or will be cancelled as u stop Backup Exec services)

das Bild der StevenHills

Yes jobs that are pending. My issue is if I start the backup exec services it will start all pending jobs before I have a change to put them on hold



das Bild der UFOs

What is the problem with these pending jobs? If you do not want them to write data to tape, you can simply physically turn off the tape (if possible). Then BE will report that drive is down. You can then edit the job and them turn the tape drive on. Rough..