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Support VMWARE

Created: 24 Juli 2012 | 7 Kommentare

I support a VMWARE server to do and how to do?

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das Bild der pkhs

Install your AVVI licence in your media server.  Select your VMware host and back it up.

Do read the Admin Guide for further details.

das Bild der Marduks

I want to know how to back up virtual machines in Vmware Server 5.0 with the BE sphere 2012.

das Bild der Marduks

I do not find an answer. nueamente wondering why. if the case would not do questions in the community and devote myself to read the document

das Bild der Marduks

tengo un BE 2012. Y tengo 2 servidores vmware sphere 5.0 cada servidor tiene maquinas virtuales (directorio activo, exchange, file server, etc) tengo 2 licencias justamente para esos dos servidores. y ayer en la tarde, instale en el mismo servidor BE 2012 un vmware cliente para mirar las maquinas virtuales e instale el plugin symantec backup exec. no se si esta bien lo que hice o que manera es mejor. pero hoy al reiniciar el servidor me afecto los controladores de los discos RAID y me toco volver a instalar todo. que puedo hacer para respaldar eso

das Bild der ZeRoC00Ls

Did you check the vmware agent best practice guide?

Also make sure the vSphere (ESX) hosts are licesed, if you use the free version, the vmware agent will not work do to lack of VADP support.

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das Bild der Marduks

have some knowledge on the SCSI disk controller?. not if I am doing to understand. But it was also something strange about that when you install the plugin for vmware. as to update those drivers and rebooting I spend it. that could be the cause?