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Symantec BackupExec and AIX?

Created: 07 Dez. 2012 • Aktualisiert: 07 Dez. 2012 | 4 Kommentare
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Does anyonek know if Backup Exec 2012 is compatible with AIX 6.1 or 5.x ?? What agent is needed for this?

If not, can anyone recomend a solution?


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das Bild der Kiran Bandis

You can get BE 2012 SCL from here:

AIX is not mentioned in the list, which means it is not officially supported.


das Bild der Kiran Bandis

I do not see any chance to backup directly as there is no way to mount AIX data to windows server as Network Share atleast.

You can use any native AIX tool to backup data to a location which can be accessed by Backup server and can be backedup from there.