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Symantec DLO backup mapped drive

Created: 02 Nov. 2012 • Aktualisiert: 20 März 2013 | 5 Kommentare
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We have DLO 7.0 in our backup environment. Does DLO able to backup mapped drive? We are using NAS and mapped it to our DLO server. I can't find the mapped drive in the backup selection list.

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Check this thread

NeerThadarai Symantec Employee Accredited Certified

When you have a hidden share it is represented by $ at the end. It won't be visible when you try to access via \\servername without putting the share name.

Anyways you would not be allowed to add the Mapped drive as a storage location as that would no be visible as a local disk drive which should be visible when you try to create a storage location.

To add the CIFS share as a storage for all the users you need to add them manually.

On the NAS box create individual folders for the users (e.g, for user abc create folder abc). While you add the user Manually you can add the storage location as \\NASServer\abc

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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You question post is bit unclear ." We are using NAS and mapped it to our DLO server. I can't find the mapped drive in the backup selection list."

How are you trying to backup the Dlo server  ?If you are using backup exec refer

Dlo server cannot backup itself.

Mapped drives are not shown in the backup selection list

when creating storage location you need to consider the following points 

1> You can't map a share as a storage location

2> You can only create a storage location on NAS if NAS has the drive letter

3> If your NAS doesn't proivde drive letter then you have to create the users and allocate them with NUDF. NUDF will work as storage location but you have to do it for all the users as you will not be able to create the storage location if NAS doesn't have drive letter.

Hope this helps 

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Hi RahulG,

 Sorry for the unclear statement. More details as below:

1. 1 Nas, 1 DLO server (WinServer2003), 1 DLO Desktop Agent PC (WinXP) in our testing environement

2. I mapped the NAS to DLO server & DLO Desktop Agent PC

3. I able to see the mapped drive at both Server & PC - On the OS level

4. However, from the DLO Desktop Agent PC, under backup selection, I can't find the mapped drive. Please refer to the attachement.

5. the objective is to backup the mapped drive.


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You cannot backup the map Drive using Dlo as mapped drives are associated with an online session

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Noted & thanks for the info