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Symantec protection center 12.0.1001.95

Created: 15 Nov. 2010 • Aktualisiert: 07 Nov. 2012 | 3 Kommentare
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I tried to uninstall symantec protection center from windows server 2003 without success. the system asks me for the CD which I do not have because I downloaded it directly from symantec website. I have tried everything I found on symantec support but I can not find anything specifically for this version. I appreciated any input.

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das Bild der Thomas Ks

See this KB for instructions-


If this fails to work for you, I recommend opening a case with support and ask for the Cleanwipe tool.

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When it asks for the CD, actually it is asking for the Symantec Protection  Center.msi. So please give the path for the msi from the download that you have

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Please download if you have not done it yet SEP 12 SBE installation package. The msi you are looking is in \SPC folder :-)



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